Short Men Jeans

Short men often experience worries that others may notice their lack of height. A man with a pot belly should not wear low-rise jeans. He should also favor darker colors over pale ones. This is because jeans and pants in pale colors will draw attention to an oversized belly. Another precaution is to wear vests, as these cover up unattractive, flabby areas, and to an extent keep the belly firmer and less floppy.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said enough that some styles of clothing are simply unsuitable for short men. For example, with regard to shorts, long or baggy ones should be rejected in favor of those of moderate cut and length. Some people stick to the same size, assuming from previous purchases that it will always fit, but this is not so.

You should also sit down in the jeans, to see if they remain comfortable when worn in that position. It may be said that jeans in darker colors are generally more versatile, and for short men they are especially recommended, because they tend not to draw attention to the body as much as paler colors.

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